BJP stakes claim in Jharkhand with JMM support

Three months back JMM back stabbed BJP in Jharkhand and subsequently the Govt was brought down in the state. Now, BJP has staked claim once again to form the Govt, once again with the support of JMM.

BJP and JMM together had a clear majority in the Jharkhand assembly. However, one wrong decision by Shibu Soren to support the Congress in Parliament, led to BJP withdrawing the support from the Govt. President’s rule followed next as Congress was not able to muster enough numbers to form the Govt on its own. After three months of President’s rule, Shibu Soren seems to have understood his mistake. He has now declared unconditional support to BJP.

BJP leader from the state, Arjun Munda, has been elected as the leader and the Chief Minister candidate by both BJP and JMM. A support letter of 45 MLA’s has been submitted to the Governor, requesting him to remove the President’s rule and let BJP form the Govt.

Even if Governor decides to lift the President’s rule, it will take at least two dfays before the new Govt can be sworn in. Will BJP and JMM be able to complete a full term this time, only time will tell.

Assembly elections in Bihar are to start on Oct 21st and it’d be good to see if this recent development in the neighbour state brings any difference in Bihar elections.

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