Naxals free the abducted policemen, relief for Bihar CM

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Naxals free the abducted policemen, relief for Bihar CM

After a week long crisis when Naxals abducted 4 policemen on 29th Aug, the Bihar CM finally heaved a sigh of relief when three of the abducted 4 were released on Monday morning.

On August 29th, Maoists killed seven policemen, injured 10 others and abducted 4. The Bihar Govt was then asked to release 8 dreaded Maoists who are in jail now. The eight Maoists who were asked to be freed are Jai Paswan, Vijay Chourasia, Prem Bhuiyan, Pramod Barnawal, Ramvilas Tanti, Ramesh Tirkie, Arjun Koda and Rattu Koda.

Maoists said that if the eight are not freed by Thursday 2nd of Sep 4 PM they’d kill the four hostages. The warning started to seem true on Friday morning when the body of one of the abducted policemen, Lucas Tete, was found. Public outrage followed and frantic Govt activity started after that. An all party meeting was called to appeal to the maoists to release the remaining three policemen.

On Saturday evening Maoists announced that the three policemen will be released unconditionally. What really brought the change in heart is unknown, but on Monday morning the three policemen, Abhay Prasad Yadav, Rupesh Kumar Sinha and Ehshan Khan, were released bringing an end to this hostage episode.

Bihar Assembly Elections are due this year Nov. And Naxals will surely disrupt try to disrupt the election process.

It’s quite certain that political parties will try to use this incident to gain political mileage in the upcoming elections. However, what no one will care about is what will happen to the policemen who are fighting the Maoists. There’s no guarantee that Maoists won’t abduct nay more police officers in the coming days. Three have been freed today, but 7 were already killed on 29th. And many more will continue to die unless a final solution is reached.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Congress needs to forget politics on this matter and chart a real course to fight the Maoist menace.

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