Planning to buy a Delhi Commonwealth Games merchandise?

On Thursday, Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games organizing committee finally came out with the list of merchandise exclusively created for the 19th CWG, which is scheduled to start from 3rd Oct.

After being ion news for all the wrong reasons, Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee must be feeling good about releasing their line of merchandise. Although just 30 days remain for the Games to start and the list of merchandise has nothing for you to really root for, it’s still a huge accomplishment for the OC. All products have been developed by premier Brands Limited (PBL) and it plans to open 60 stores across Delhi soon (although with just 30 days left for Games, don’t know when “soon” will be). Right now, mobile vans are being used to sell the products. Surprisingly, in these days of internet, there is no option to buy the merchandise online yet.

CWG Delhi 2010

It’s a shame really that for an event of this huge proportion, we couldn’t really come out with something really Indian. the merchandise has all the usual stuff like stuffed toys, coffee mugs, sippers, clocks, puzzles, ceramic plates, caps etc. If you were not aware that they have been released for the Commonwealth Games, you’d think it’s a list for some routine fair in the nearest village. South Africa showed how local traditions are pushed forward when the hosted the FIFA World Cup. Their Vuvuzela is now known the world over. The OC has been cheeky enough to release Vuvuzelas as well, all wrapped in Indian colours. However, sadly, India has put nothing forward to showcase the traditions of our country.

2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games Merchandise List

1. Vuvuzela: Rs. 150
2. Stuffed Toys: Rs. 100-300 (not yet available)
3. Mugs: Rs. 100-250
4. Sippers: Rs. 295
5. Clocks: Rs. 300
6. Puzzle: Rs. 26
7. Ceramic Plates: rs. 250
8. Fridge Magnets: rs. 36
9. key Chain: Rs. 50
10. Caps: Rs. 180
11. Visor Caps: Rs. 150

With just about 30 days left for the Games to begin, it’d be really surprising if the stadiums are roads are completed. The tainted Commonwealth games Organizing Committee Chairman, Suresh Kalmdai may be a relaxed man now, as the newspapers and media have stopped showing news on his alleged corruptions, however he will have a tough time answering to Indian public if the CWG Games are held in a shabby manner. With Delhi getting heavy rainfall for past few weeks and Delhi weather forecast predicts more rain in the next week, the job to complete the stadiums and road projects is going to be tough.

5 thoughts on “Planning to buy a Delhi Commonwealth Games merchandise?

  1. i had purchased a Shera Soft Toy from GIGGLES at Connaught place, Delhi. How they are encashing our emotions?
    Everything is over priced
    1. the bill they give does not have the item name only a code
    2. the angavastram from Mrignayni where it is for Rs 550 is priced at Rs 650
    the 300 Rupee Shera Soft Toy is priced at Rs 400

    So please be careful

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