Sports Minister speaks again, says Commonwealth Games Villa ready now

Our beloved Sports Minister M S Gill proudly announced on Wednesday that the Commonwealth Games Village is now ready. No signs of any remorse or shame for getting the village ready 3 days before the Delhi Commonwealth Games are scheduled to start.

The trio of Suresh kalmadi, Sheila Dikshit and M S Gill has been under a lot of pressure over the past few months after a series of exposes clearly pointing to huge corruption and money laundering in the Commonwealth Games projects. No wonder that even after 7 years we were not able to prepare ourselves for the Games.

But now since the Games are just few days away, Govt will go ahead non-stop shouting at the top of its voice that All is Well. It understands very well that a failed Games will lead to huge embarrassment for the nation as a whole and will surely blacklist all the officials involved with the projects. To consider that we have people like Lalit Bhanot even in the team of Organzing Committee and that too at such a high post, speaks in itself the incompetence level of the staff.

Commonwealth Games at Delhi starts in 3 days

So it comes as no surprise when our sport minister proudly says that the Games Village is now ready and that everyone is happy with the preparations. The only thing he is trying to do here is spread a feel good factor, so that once the Games are over, no action is taking against him or the OC members by the Govt. And rest assured, all these people from Suresh Kalmadi to Bhanot to Gill to Sheila Dikshit will go scot free. No action will be initiated against any of them and to settle the dust Congress Govt will institute an eyewash committee who will keep finding facts related to corruption for the next 20 years.

Meanwhile, as Indians, we can only expect that the Games go well and after the Games are over, people related to even slightest of corruptions in the Games are sent to jail for a lifetime. 2400 athletes and other officials from 52 countries have already reached the village and another 2300 are expected to move in by Friday.

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