Will you support Delhi Commonwealth Games or boycott it?

The countdown to 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games has begun with athletes scheduled to start coming to India from 24th Sep. But are we really going ahead with the Games?

India is a country marred by poverty and unemployment. In the past 60+ years since Independence, successive Govts, majority of which were Congress Govts, have done absolutely nothing to erase poverty. The only thing India has seen increasing over the years is corruption. In such a scenario our beloved Congress Govt decided to host the 19th Commonwealth Games at Delhi. Nothing wrong in hosting the event if it will help create world class facilities and stadiums for Indian athletes, create a mega city out of Delhi and give out a positive outlook to tourists coming to India. So far so good.

However, once the bid was won, and the organizing Committee created, Congress forgot what the committee actually was for. From being the Organizing Committee to manage the Games, the OC became a bunch of people amassing personal fortunes. The tax payers money was laundered like water and what was supposed to be completed in 6000 Crore went up to 60,000 Crore. We Indians would still have not minded the personal fortunes some people made through the Games, if and only if, the work had been done.

If you happen to live in Delhi, you will understand how useless the OC has been. Nothing has been completed, no landscaping, no proper roads built, no projects completely finished. The collapse of a bridge at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru stadium on 22nd just highlighted the shame Congress, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee members have brought to this country. Even athletes staying areas at the Commonwealth Games Village has not been made to the desired standards, forcing several top class athletes to stay away from the Games.

The least you would have expected from the organizing members was some signs of repent. But seems that they are taking pride in the mistakes they have committed. When asked about the shabby stay options at Games Village, the OC secretary-general Lalit Bhanot said that India has different standards in hygiene as compared to the world. What a shameful statement. What kind of image of India is he trying to project to the world? If India were China, for such casual attitude and rampant irregularities, these people would have been made to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Western Media is already making a laughing stock of our preparations and corruption, and you can be sure more such “bridge-falling” events are waiting round the corner.

Now, Congress and Games Committee are not just trying to protect those guilty of this huge mismanagement, but also asking common people to come up and support the Games. Govt is giving feelers that those responsible for the Games mess will be punished, but after the Games have finished. Oh c’mon, does anyone really believe that?

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Games will be held from 3rd to 14th without doubt, but there will be no good athletes to take part in it. Some countries may send a B-Grade team and some others will just stay back. Several other problems will occur on a day to day basis during the Games. News Channels and Papers will cry their hearts out. Than on 14th, Games will be over. Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dikshit, Suresh Kalmadi and the likes will thensay their thank you messages and how successful the Games were. they’d cry that everyone was trying to bring the Games down, but it was only Congress which managed to host this successful event. Two months down the line, people will even forget when CWG 2010 was held and we’d again go on with our lives, oblivious of the fact that the money we paid as taxes are now lying in the Swiss bank accounts of some few individuals.

So, it’s up to you if you want to support the Games or not. Whether you do or you don’t doesn’t really matter. Because the Games was not brought to India for you, my friend. It was not brought to India for National Pride. It was not brought to India to help the economy or local tourism or to convert Delhi to a mega city. It was a very clever plan by those who mattered to amass huge fortunes and those who had to make money, have made it already. No action will be taken against any of them, ever. So my friends, whether the games are successful or not, whether you go and watch the Games or not, doesn’t really matter!

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  1. Why we the Indians are always think of negative part? If poverty is not eradicated than how comes INDIA in the nation of growing economies or BRICK countries. How the salary of people increase many fold in spite of recession? The event will definitely increase the Indian space in the worlds economy. You had seen the collapse of bridge, water in the basement, snakes in the CWV but have u seen the opening ceremony of the mega event. We the Indians proved to the world that we can also organise such event in a organised way. We should give thanks to OC and Delhi CM Sheila Dixit and DELHI POLICE.

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