Adarsh Society Scam: Army and Politicians equally corrupt

Adarsh Society scam is the latest scam from the real estate sector to hit India. Land and houses supposed to be reserved for the martyrs of Kargil war has been looted by top army officials, bureaucrats and several politicians, mainly from the ruling Congress and NCP parties.

Adarsh Housing Society is a 31-storey building located in one of the most prime locations of Mumbai. It stands tall in the same line as Taj President at Cuffe Parade and is just opposite to the Ambani’s Seawind building. A simple 2-3 bedroom flat can cost upto Rs. 6 crore to Rs. 8.5 crore here.

The question here is however not about the prime location of the plot or the high costs. The question here is that the plot was reserved for the veterans of Kargil war and war widows. Instead, it has been devoured by politicians and their relatives, bureaucrats and their kins or by senior defence personnel. Not even one of these thought that people have lost life trying to save us, save the country and they are scamming these very people. If found guilty, the court needs to set some exemplary punishment so that 10 generations from now can shiver on the thoughts of such scams.

Army land scam of Adarsh Society

However, thanks to the bright army officials and politicians of India, 103 members of the Adarsh Housing Society received the flats for as low as Rs. 60 lakh. This is not even 10% of the total cost for the flats. Army has been considered to be above corruption in India, and we all believed that they are the only ones truly working for Indian welfare. However, the people on the top seems to have forgotten that. 2 Retired Army chiefs are said to be involved in this scam.

Corruption is nothing new for Congress. From Bofors scam to the recent 2G scam to Commonwealth Games scam, Congress and its politicians have remained in the fore front of corruption. But they know that as long as they have the Govt power, nothing would happen to them. So, no results came out of Bofors, nor of the 2G scam. Commonwealth Games scam is under investigation, but lets not fool ourselves in believing that any of the guilty members would ever be booked. In sucha scenario, it now does not amaze anyone if another set of Congress politicians are found involved in a scam. One of the members of the Adarsh Society is Congress member and Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan’s mother-in-law, who died on July 15th 2010. So, if a CM’s relative has a stake in the scammed building, who would question anyone else?

Congress however is pretty lucky that despite a long history of corruption, recent rise in prices and failure on several grounds, they still continue to have mass majority across the Indian states. Impartial Tv Channels like NDTV no doubt help them in this regards, as even today they chose not to show news related to the Adarsh scam on its headlines, and decided that what Sushma Swaraj said about Narendra Modi was more important as a headline material.

3 thoughts on “Adarsh Society Scam: Army and Politicians equally corrupt

  1. This are the most Shameless Culprits, who cooked their bread on Sacrificed Jawan’s Cremations. Every illegal ones on this plot must be Court Martial. More shocking was to see some Shameless Congress Politicians on TV, justifying the loot from Kargil Shaheed Widows that Homeless Politicians and Officials has birth right to get the plot. Disease of Corruption has spread from Congress to Army and other Officials. In past we use to see Politicians relationship with Land Mafia, today we see Politicians, Army Officials, Govt Officials becomes ” LAND MAFIAS ” Today, India has became the DEN of Corrupted Politicians, Officials and Citizens with Dead Soul. Rahul, Sonia, PM etc better ask their own CM and Politicians besides progress in LOOTING India, rather than asking Nitish about progress in Bihar. GOD BLESS INDIA.

  2. india such ahuge country with lots of people situated here every year we celebrate independence day bcoz we got freedom but as of what if our country is members are only betraying with us what the use of such political leaders who just think about themselves and not worried about widows & poor i think such leaders should be punished very severely so that they don’t commit the mistake next time.infact we feel shame that we are just blindly following them when we are aware of such things.

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