Athletes cheered, Kalmadi and Bhanit booed at Closing Ceremony

Athletes got huge cheering from all present at the closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games, but people did not forgive the person who initially brought shame to India. The Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi was constantly and repeatedly booed by everyone present in the stadium when he came out to make a speech.

The only people to actually deserve an applause are the athletes. Despite lack of proper equipments or infrastructure, they have done exceptionally well. And we all should be greatful to them for the performance they gave.

When Kalmadi came to give his speech, he was received with huge jeers. Boos were heard after every stop he made in his speech. The loudest boos were heard when he thanked Lalit Bahanot.

We all should not forget the corruption and mis-management done by Suresh Kalmadi and his team mates, especially Lalit Bhanot, who needs to get trained in public speaking. We should make sure that people such as these are not able to take even 1% credit behind the success of the Indian athletes. Hopefully, a thorough enquiry will be conducted in the CWG corruption and if found guilty, these people will be severely punished.

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