Future of Google Tv in India, will it work?

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Future of Google Tv in India, will it work?

Google, the search engine giant, launched Google Tv recently and it has already started to create waves in US. But what is the future of Google Tv in India?

Google Tv is an attempt by Google to seamlessly merge internet on computer with internet on Tv. With Google Tv, you have the option to watch a show, while simultaneously search information about it on the net. You can search for your shows and find schedules across every channel. It even gives you an option to search and record your favorite shows. The Google Tv will feature a customizable home page which will give you quick information on your favorite channels, apps as well as websites.

Google Tv has been built on the fast growing Android platform and will feature apps from Android. So, the apps you like on your mobile can now be there for you on the Tv. You can even use your android based cell phones as remote to manage the Tv. For browsing the web, it features Google Chrome browser.

Currently, Google Tv can be accessed with either a standalone Sony HD Internet Tv or by using a separate box to connect your HDTV. Logitech and Sony have come out with Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV Blu-ray boxes to help you get Google Tv on your existing HDTV sets.

Google Tv now available with Sony or Logitech Box

But question is how successful will this be for us in India. Apple and Microsoft have tried to merge computer browsing with Tv before and both were not very successful. We in India never even came to know about Apple Tv or Microsoft’s attempt. But anything which Google does is sure to generate a buzz here very soon.

However, for normal Indians, having Google Tv at home may not be a priority. Consider some facts:

1. Few would be tempted to buy a Sony Internet Tv just because it has Google Tv pre-installed with it.
2. Not many in India have a HDTV yet, and having a Google Tv would be the least of reasons for them to upgrade to a HDTV.
3. Even if you have a HDTV, buying the Logitech or Sony box is going to be expensive. Logitech Revue has been priced at $299 and Sony Internet TV Blu-ray is available for $399. So to have internet capabilities on your Tv will cost you nearly half the price as your HDTV set.
4. The problem doesn’t end with you buying a Google Tv box and a HDTV. The real issue will come with the internet bandwidth. A 3 MBPs speed is being recommended for optimum viewing, and in India, very few have that kind of speed. Majority of us are still languishing on a 512 KBPs connection.
5. The Satellite Box companies may also add their own charges for using their service with google Tv.

Meanwhile, Sites are already making changes to make them compatible or fast on Google Tv. Youtube has recently launched Youtube Leanback, which is aimed to help Google Tv users use youtube with some simple keyboard commands.

Google Tv is now available in US, but will be available outside US by 2011 only. As and when it comes to India, it’d surely find some buyers. But will it really be a huge success or not, only time will tell.

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  1. Regan Marrazzo
    1:46 am on May 26th, 2016

    Great post, look forward to reading more

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    1:19 pm on June 4th, 2016

    Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious thinking, piece of writing is fastidious,
    thats why i have read it entirely

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