Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Dell Streak in Indian perspective

India has mostly been ignored by Apple, with Apple iPad and iPhone 4 yet to debut in India. However, two new entrants, Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy tab are now in India giving high-end users something to look forward to.

India has a huge market for mobile users and tablets. With one of the largest mobile customer base in the entire world, it’s without doubt that people in India are crazy about about their handsets. In metros, people are looking to buy high-end handsets which help them do multi-task and remove the need for carrying a laptop everywhere.

Although Apple continues to ignore Indian markets, we now have Samsung and Dell launching their products in India relative to their launches in western markets. But which of the two are more suitable for Indian markets, which of the two will be successful here?

7 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet and the 5 inch Dell Streak

Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch tablet PC running on latest Android 2.2 and can be used as a cell phone. It has a resolution of 1024*600, runs on 1 Ghz dual-core Cortex A9 processor and has 1 GB RAM. Internal storage of 16GB is being given default in India. The Galaxy Tab also supports flash 10.1. The Samsung tablet also has a rear 5MP camera and a front 3MP camera, making it 3G compatible. With Android 2.2 support, you have access to potentially unlimited apps from the Android store. The only drawback, if you are looking to use it as a cell phone, is that you cant talk by holding the phone near your ears. Speaker phone or a bluetooth headset is the only option. Though anyways one would not have bee able to hold a 7-inch tab with one hand and talk by placing it near the ear.

Dell Streak is a 5-inch smart phone-tablet running Android 1.6. It is expected to receive a 2.2 upgrade later this year. Streak’s resolution is not dazzling at 800*480 and it does not support flash 10.1 yet. It has a 1GHz snapdragon processor, comes with 512 MB RAM and has an internal storage of just 512 MB. Dell Streak features a 5MP rear camera, but a normal VGA front camera. However, the streak could be used as a normal cell phone for voice calls, as in you can keep the phone near the ears while talking.

As for the price difference, Samsung Tab is priced at Rs. 38,000 in India while the Dell Streak costs Rs. 34,500. Not much of a difference there.

If you consider availability and customer service, Samsung wins hands on. Dell was launched in India in October first week, but even 30 days later, there is no information about its availability. Dell Website says Streak is available for pre-order at Dell Exclusive Stores, but the guys at Dell Exclusive Store, Nehru Place said they are not even aware of the cost yet, leave aside taking a pre-order.

Samsung on the other hand, launched Galaxy tab in India on Friday 29th October, and on Sunday 31st October it launched newspaper ads informing of availability from 9th Nov itself. It also showed an impressive list of stores including Croma, Planet M, Mobile Store and several others where you can pick the tab from Nov 9th.

So overall, if you see, Samsung Galaxy Tab wins in all counts over Dell Streak. Unless Dell manages to promote Streak correctly in the next few days and gets the product available across several stores, we don’t think it’d stand any chance against the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

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