Scamsters resigning but none getting punished

A slew of scams have been uncovered in the past few months concerning the Congress ministers or allies. After severe pressure from the opposition parties and public outcry, the tainted ministers are now finally resigning from their posts, but strangely not even one case has been registered against the accused yet.

Times Now has been one important factor in unearthing all scams in recent months. The passion with which Arnab Goswami has brought the scams to the forefront bodes good for India’s future. But , now that the scams are out in the open, we all need to make sure that the scamsters do not go scotfree or without some heavy punishments.

The tainted 2G scam minister A Raja finally resigned on 14th Nov 2010 after about 2 years of the scam being found out. the scam is said to be the biggest in Indian history and it’s a shame that the tainted minister was allowed to continue for so long. Even the Supreme Court intervened, but Congress led Govt failed to remove the mionister because they were afraid of DMK withdrawing the support, leaving the Govt in a minority. It was not untill J Jayalalitha of AIADMK offered her support to Congress, that DMK was finally forced to remove the minister. However, it clearly exposed that Congress can continue with corruption as long as it helps them to stick in power.

Recent resignation from Maharashtra CM on charges of corruption in the Adarsh Society scam is also being seen by many as aimed to cover up the case and divert attention. The Commonwealth Games tainted Organizing Committee members whi brought shame to India, like Suresh Kalmadi and Bhanot, are still to be charged. Whether they’d ever be charged or not is anybody’s guess.

To let our country progress, these scams must stop. And to stop the scams, these scamsters must be severely punished and a strong example must be set now. But whether the current Govt has the desire to do so or not, only time will tell.

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