Congress Ministers plagued with foot in mouth disease

Congress Ministers have suddenly been plagued with the foot in mouth disease. In the past two days, two of its senior ministers, Digvijay Singh and Jairam Ramesh, have said some pretty absurd things.

Jairam ramesh of Congress

Jairam Ramesh, the environment minister, suddenly changed India’s position on climate and bent towards the US stand. For last 20 years, India has sticked to the stand that we will not accept any binding emission cuts, which will severly hamper the growth of developing countries like us. Mr Jairam Ramesh, who is the minister for environment and forests, suddenly changed the entire nations position at Cancun and said that every nation should accept emission cuts. His stand not just surprised his own party men and the P.M., but also led to protests by opposition and several organizations which called Jairam’s statement a “sellout”.

Digvijay Singh of Congress

After Jairam’s statement, it was turn of another Congress minister, Digvijay Singh, to speak out some absurd words. Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh said that Anti-Terror Squad chief and Mumbai attack Martyr, Hemant Karkare, called him just 2 hrs before his death and said that his life was in danger because of threats from Hindu organizations as he was probing the Malegaon blast. Why Karkare would call Digvijay and why Digvjay did not say this for the past two years is still not clear. Digvijay Singh’s statement is not just shameful but also a slap on the face of numerous policemen who lost their lives during the Mumbai attacks. By raising question on the death of Hemant Karkare, Digvijay Singh is not just playing dirty politics but also in a way claiming that Amzal Kasab is innocent. Pakistan may just use his statement as a reason to say that their country was never involved in the Mumbai terror attacks. Even Karkare’s wife denied the statement from Digvijay and went on to categorically say that religion should not be brought into this and that she was quite sure no Hindu organization was after Hemant Karkare’s life.

How can senior Ministers of Congress become so irresponsible? After a series of corruption cases aren’t they ashamed yet? Do they want to deviate attention from corruption cases and bad governance by using their ministers to give out stupid comments? Don’t forget Congress, India is watching and keeping tab of everything you are doing. Elections are not far off, even if they happen in 2014 and West bengal elections 2011, and if your ministers continue in their current ways, we may just see a far worse fate for you then we saw in Bihar elections recently.

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