Food Scam: Biggest scam to hit India

Allahabad High Court’s observation on Monday regarding the food scam has shocked everyone. It is said to be the biggest scam to have hit India till date.

Food grains meant for the poor and the downtrodden BPL people were smuggled out and sold in open market. Over 5000 scams have been filed against this scam in the past seven years and an initial estimate says the food scam could be as big as two hundred thousand crores, clearly much bigger than the 2G scam. Allahabad High Court has observed that a scam of such proportions could not have occurred without support from top officials and politicians.

The food scam has said to take place between 2003 and 2007. Mulayam Singh Yadav was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during that phase. How was a scam of this big proportion missed by Samajwadi party Govt? Will the culprits ever be found or booked? Let’s just wait and watch.

One thought on “Food Scam: Biggest scam to hit India

  1. Nothing is going to be happened in India, we will talk, talk and talk further without any action, and after some time everyone will forget if some ( for sure) if another scam exist. Only GOD can help our nation

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