North India engulfed in cold and heavy fog

Winter has struck North India with a vengeance. The weather is cold and gloomy and heavy fog is disrupting normal life.

Delhi temperature has been recorded around 7 C for the past few days, but apart from the low temperature, the fog is making life tough in Delhi. Several flights have been canceled or delayed, and same has been the case with trains. Some trains are running at a delay of 36 hrs, and the Gujjar strike in near by Rajasthan is not helping the cause of Western India trains either. Several International and domestic passengers are stranded at airports and railway stations.

driving around Delhi in fog

Many must have planned for trips to Shimla and Manali to enjoy the snow and cool weather, but heavy delays in travel are taking the toll. By the time you reach your destination, you will find half of your holiday days were over on way due to delays.

Situation is not going to improve in the next few days with rain predicted on New Year’s eve.

You may track India Weather forecasts here.

If you are planning a road trip, do read the safety tips for driving in fog.

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