Rs 6400cr bridge in Lucknow cracks 15 days after launch

There seems to be no end to corruption in India. The Rs 6400cr Chillaghat bridge inaugurated in Banda, Lucknow has already developed cracks just 15 days after launch.

No matter how big or small an Indian Govt project is, it seems it has been developed only to make money for developers. A series of scams have been unveiled in the past few months and every single scam brings astonishing info on how tax payer’s money is being laundered by Govt officials.

At a cost of Rs 6400 Crore, the Chillaghat bridge in Banda was developed under the supervision of UP State public works department. The 1086.62 metre long bridge is the largest built over river Yamuna in UP. It was inaugurated by public works minister Naseemuddin Siddiqui on 18th Nov. the minister even reminded people to vote for BSP in return for the excellent bridge developed by his Govt.

However, just 15 days later, the bridge has developed a 5 feet crack which is 10 inches wide right in the center. After the crack developed, traffic on the Banda-Kanpur route was diverted to the Tindwari-Bendaghat route, which means at least 44 Kms more for the travelers.

As usual, a three-member committee has been set up to look into this matter wich will take probably years to find out the reason. Be assured that no one will be punished for this and the bridge will get minor patch-up work and that’d be it.

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