Senior Congress leader sparks controversy on Kashmir

Shyam Lal Sharma, a senior Congress leader and Jammu and Kashmir state health minister, has sparked another controversy by saying that giving freedom to Kashmir is the only solution to problems.

Ever since Omar Abdullah’s National Conference and Congress have formed a coalition govt in J&K, things have been going wrong. In the past few months, Kashmir has seen a lot of protests by local people. Many feel that Omar Abdullah has not been able to manage the role of Chief Minister well.

After the protests, when Kashmir was getting back to normal, a Congress Minister has sparked another controversy. His statement that Kashmir should be given freedom just goes on to show the mindset of some of these Congress politicians who rule our country. The Minister also asked for Jammu to be made a separate state and Ladakh to be given a Union Territory status.

We’d wait to see if Congress takes any action on their erring minister.

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