Suresh Kalmadi creates a blackmail angle on CWG scam

Friday was the day when CBI raided Suresh Kalmadi’s premises to find evidence for CWG scam, but what emerged on Saturday were not proofs but a conspiracy theory involving a blackmail letter.

CBI has released information about a letter found during raids at Suresh Kalmadi’s home which apparently demands Rs. 4 Crore from Kalmadi in return of a CD with some incriminating evidences against him. The authenticity of the letter is still being verified and quite obviously, Suresh Kalmadi has not provided with a good answer to the presence of the letter yet.

One however wonders why the letter was still in Suresh Kalmadi’s home. When some of the key documents relating to the CWG scam vanished without a trace, it’s quite absurd that such a threatening letter was left out in the open, so that CBI can easily find it. If there was a CD that could have incriminated Kalmadi, he’d have been the first person to get rid of the letter. However, we find here that he conveniently placed the letter where CBI can easily find it in its first raid! Sounds fishy? To us it certainly does…

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