Suresh Kalmadi’s house finally raided by CBI

New Delhi based house of Suresh Kalmadi’s, one of the key accused in the Commonwealth Games scam, was finally raided by CBI on Friday.

After almost a year since Times Now and Arnab Goswami broke the news of CWG irregularities and almost 3 months after the Games started, CBI finally decided to take a look at Kalmadi’s home. Today’s raid was conducted at his New Delhi residence and Kalmadi’s houses in Pune and Mumbai were also searched in this 8 hr long operation. Some of the key aides of Kalmadi are already in jail.

However, one wonders why CBI gave Congress MP Kalmadi such a long time. Do they really think Kalmadi would be a fool to keep the files showing his involvement in the scams in his home or computer? Do they seriously believe that even one piece of evidence can be gathered by raiding the home of Kalmadi? We don’t think so. We believe the raids were nothing more than a hogwash, something similar to the raids done on 2G scam accused A Raja’s home a few days back.

Raids of these nature are not conducted to nail the culprit. If that were the motive, raids would have been done 6 months back. Raids of this nature is done to divert attention of normal public an show them that the Govt is trying to fight corruption.

News of key documents missing from the CWG scam are already out. If the key documents are missing, can you seriously hope of finding anything in Kalmadi’s home after 1 year of delay? News report also came of plans to kill Kalmadi’s key aides in jail so that they can not depose infront of the court. So when you have someone as influential as the Congress minister Kalmadi, do you seriously think that after giving him 1 year and above, he’d leave even one piece of evidence to nail him?

It’s high time that UPA and Congress actually started fighting corruption and rising prices. STOP making fools of us NOW.

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