Tendulkar reaches his 50th Test Hundred

Sachin Tendulkar reached an almost insurmountable 50th Hundred in test match cricket. He becomes the first person ever to achieve the feat.

India and most of the world’s cricket loving people were waiting for Sachin to reach the milestone of 50th Test Hundred. We waited for him to accomplish the feat in the recently concluded New Zealand series, but Sachin was not able to do it then. But everyone knew sooner or later it’ll come.

Sachin reaches his 50th test hundred

Now, in the SOuth Africa series, Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100 in the first cricket test match. The test itself demanded a big innings from Tendulkar as all other batsmen have failed and India needed Sachin to save the test. Sachin has not disappointed yet, and whether India can save the test or not, he has surely brought smile on the face of his fans today.

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