Congress blames buying power of common man for rising prices

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Congress blames buying power of common man for rising prices

In a bizarre statement released by Congress, it has blamed the increase in buying power of common man for rise in prices.

Over the past few months, prices have sky rocketed. Entire India is feeling the brunt, as first cold and now high prices have made life hell for many. The common man is struggling to even make money for meals twice a day. Most of the necessary commodities and vegetables have seen a price rise to the tune of over 200%.

In such a scenario, everyone was looking at the ruling Congress Govt to come up with some respite. But in return what Congress has given back to the country is a shameful statement. It says the price rise is an indication of the growing economic might of the country. People now have more money, so they have bought more vegetables, meat, egg, etc and hence this has led to price rise. How low can Congress get?

In its second term, the UPA Govt led by Congress has just added to the burden of common man. While its ministers ahve made money in big scams like 2G, Adarsh society and the CWG games, the common man has been left to suffer for the incompetence of the ministers. As they have a mandate to rule us till 2014, be assured Congress wont solve any problems till 2013 at least. After that for one year it will make everything good so that you can re-elect them for a third term.

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