Did Congress Governor in Karnataka play dirty politics in sanctioning CM prosecution

Congress Governor in Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj, has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons recently. He took an unprecedented and politically motivated decision on Friday by according the sanction to prosecute Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa.

Earlier, Karnataka state cabinet passed a resolution urging the Governor to drop the prosecution petition. But Bharadwaj decided to stick to his collision course and tersely replied that the Cabinet move looked like an attempt to put a lid on corruption allegations.

Hansraj Bhardwaj Governor of KarnatakaKarnataka CM Yeddy

Governor’s move has again highlighted how Congress continues to misuse the power at its hands. Everyone knows that Bharadwaj is an out-n-out Congress loyalist. In the past few months, Congress has been found involved in scam after scam, all to the proportions of several thousand crore. Opposition was mounting some serious pressure and no respite seemed to be in place, till loyalist Bharadwaj decided to move in and help Congress out. By going after Yeddyurappa, Congress is showing a motive to deflect the scam attention and put BJP in the same dock as them.

We don’t know if Yeddyurappa is guilty or not. We don’t know if his ministers are tainted or not. But we do know that if they are guilty, the only one involved should have been the courts, police or the CBI. Karnataka Governor but decided to play some dirty politics and crossed the line.

By showcasing himself as being over-eager to topple the Karnataka state govt, the Governor may in fact have done more harm to Congress than expected. If a mid term poll occurs in the state, it’d be BJP which will gain from the sympathy vote as every will understand the real motive behind the Governor’s decision today.

It’d be interesting to see if this brings any change to the poll results in the upcoming Assembly elections in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

2 thoughts on “Did Congress Governor in Karnataka play dirty politics in sanctioning CM prosecution

  1. It was long ” OVER DUE “. BJP needs lesson like this, for sitting ” DUCK ” when in power with no expose or taking action against Congress and at present time with no discovery of any Crimes & Corruptions. In every TV debates Congress tried to prove it was Bajpai & Co who protected Sonia [Bofors], Rahul [Boston-USA] and other Congress Politicians from their Corruptions. BJP Grow-up be Smart and come out of Street Politics. Just Shouting in Parliament, TV Debates, Bandh or Vandalism with Shiv Sena won’t solve India’s problems. Alert Media & RTI Activist are doing better job than opposition for country. Learn some Politics from Dr. Swamy and see how he screwed Corrupt UPA Politicians in one line.

  2. Governor of karnataka seems to be real opposition leader. Congress and Jds simply trading allegations for publicity and to topple BJP government. Two advocates hails from CM Constituency really had the guts . Both opposition parties may backing warring advocates but they directly connived with the present Governor to Unseat B,S.yaddyrappa and BJP. So the Governor using extra constitutional powers sanctioned prosecution oprder to two lawyers to fix Yaddi group. One Side Lokayukta and in another side Governor take CM The vivid organising in karnataka are already dead. God must save the people of karnataka.

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