HTC Desire HD mobile phone a huge let down

HTC released its much awaited HTC Desire HD mobile a few months back. I bought it with huge expectations, but it seems to be a huge let down, not because of its excellent features, but because of its bad battery life.

Being an iPhone user for close to 3 years, a desire for change was creeping over me for the past few months. With bigger screens now a necessity for work on the move, Android offered some great options. Dell Streak would have been my first choice with its massive 5 inch screen, but it seemed to be over priced at Rs. 35,000 as even Samsung’s 7 inch tab is easily available for Rs. 32,000. So next in line were Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire HD.

HTC Desire HD cell phone

With a bigger screen, more RAM and a better camera, I chose HTC Desire HD. The phone no doubt is amazing. The clarity is good, response time is excellent, navigation is easy, HTC Sense UI is awesome. But no matter what goodness the phone has, it is overshadowed by the battery life it provides. Yes, I understand that a phone with 4.3 inch screen will eat up battery fast, but HTC Desire HD is just unusable. You charge it to for 8 hrs at night, get with 100% battery, and by mid day, the battery would be close to dead. You talk on the phone for 5 min, and the battery charge goes from 100% to 98%. You may have the best Gameloft HD games installed on your mobile, but as soon as you play a game for 5 min, your battery would go from 98% to 85%. I mean what is the point of stuffing the phone with the best things in the world, and then not being able to use it because of the battery. I recently went out for two days, and during my travel time, I was not able to play or do anything on the phone because of fear of battery dying on me. Even if you keep the phone idle, the battery won’t last a day.

And yes, the battery goes down even if you have the display at lowest possible brightness, and you have tweaked the GPS settings and the background data is closed. Why did HTC make such a good phone with such bad battery life will always remain a mystery to me.

One thought on “HTC Desire HD mobile phone a huge let down

  1. I agree, it beats me why HTC cant get basics right. I was looking for a full touch or touch with qwerty and was thrilled when HTC launched the Desire HD and Desire Z together. I realised that one of these is going to be my next phone after blackberry.
    On careful inspection of the specs and performance reviews, I realised that both these phones, as good as they are came with one critical flaw each.

    HTC Desire HD – absolutely poor battery life (1280mah)
    HTC Desire Z – lack of 1 Ghz processor.

    I wonder how companies like HTC can make possible “iphone killers” and still screw up on basics. Guess thats why iphone is where it is (despite all its flaws) and HTC and Android always plays the catching up game….

    Now I have gone ahead and got myself an iphone-4….

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