Mobile number portability ushers in benefits for Indians mobile users

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Mobile number portability ushers in benefits for Indians mobile users

700 million mobile users across India have now the option to change their providers without having to change their mobile numbers.

Mobile number portability is going to bring in a lot of relief to the troubled mobile customers across India. If your place gets low network coverage from one provider, but you find another network has a good coverage in that region, you can now simply switch to the new provider. If you think your mobile company is giving you some tough deals, and someone else has a very lucrative offer, simply shift to the new provider. At a cost of just Rs. 19, the scheme couldn’t have been better. The only rule is that you will have to stick with a chosen service provider for at least 3 months before you can switch again.

Number portability will now keep the mobile companies on their toes. Old users will be given almost as much importance as a new user. Currently, most schemes were launched for new registrations while old or existing customers missed out on offers. But now, mobile companies will have to think twice.

Smaller companies or new entrants may be a little wary of number portability as the two major providers Vodafone and Airtel have a wider network reach across India. But on the same scale, small providers are offering a lot better packages than Airtel or Vodafone. So, it’d be intersting to see who gains or loses the most because of the mobile number portability.

change mobile number without changing provider

How to switch service providers using number portability

1. Send PORT mobile number to 1900
2. You will receive an eight-digit alphanumeric porting code and expiry date.
3. Go to the desired service provider with your code, address and ID proof/photograph.
4. Within 7 working days, your service provider will be changed. You can not change your operation circles.

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