Nation reeling under price rise, Congress oblivious of problems

Entire nation is reeling under uncontrollable price rise, but Congress and UPA Govt at the center seems to be oblivious of the fact.

Over the past year, prices have only gone up, up and away. There has been absolutely no respite. Our beloved PM and Finance Minister have just given commitments after commitments, but their hollow promises have yielded absolutely no results.

Price of all essential commodities have gone up. From pulses to vegetables, and from egg to chicken, everything is out of reach of the common man. With rise in petrol prices on Monday to the tune of Rs. 2.75 per litre, Congress Govt has once again shown its insensitivity towards tackling the price rise. Fuel prices were increased in Dec and they have been increased once more in just 30 days. This will directly lead to more price rise in the coming weeks.

Congress has claimed the fuel price rise was essential owing to the price rise of crude oil in foreign markets, but truth is crude oil is being sold at almost the same price they were in 2008, but the prices for oil in Indian market is almost up by 30% since 2008.

Our agriculture minister Sharad Pawar is also probably living on a different planet. In his entire tenure he has only helped to increase prices, never decrease it. He predicted shortage of milk and sugar when there was none, and prices increased overnight for these. He predicted onion prices to stabilize only after three weeks, and hence there was no question of bringing the price down. It’s another matter that even after three weeks, prices continue on the upward path.

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