Winter and Indian Trains gets worse and worse

Entire North India is shivering under heavy cold and thick fog cover is wrecking havoc on those traveling with Indian railways.

Delhi has seen one of the worst colds in recent years. Because of the pollution, fog in Delhi stays for the better part of the day. Several flights have been disrupted, but the most affected have been the train passengers.

Almost all trains, including the famed Rajdhani Express, are running late. Some trains like the Garib Rath have been delayed for over 24 hrs. Ranchi Rajdhani Express of 6th Nov was delayed by over 24 hrs, mostly due to fog and also because of a Goods train accident near Gaya. The worst part is that trains, like Rajdhani express, are not even offering good food when the delay is long. In the name of veg biryani, they serve you rice which is almost fit for consumption by dogs. The railways Minister and entire dept continue to look in the other direction and passengers continue to suffer.

fog and winter wrecking havoc in delhi

Apart from the delay in trains, what has pissed most travelers is the total apathy at railway station and other information media on train timings. Not even once are the stations announcing the correct arrival or departure timings of a train. If they announce the train is to be delayed by 4 hrs, you can be sure they mean 10 hrs. But all the time, you will have to sit in the cold at the o[pen railway stations waiting for the train to arrive.

Even the railway website does not provide accurate information. The running status is mostly wrong and shows old data. Sometimes when the train is delayed beyond the running day, the status is altogether stopped.

You can track temperature across India here.
For another week or so, no respite from the travel problems or cold can be expected. Maybe after Makar Sankranti, the temperature will go down and the train timings will get back to normal.

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