2G scammer A Raja finally arrested, but three years late

2G scam tainted former Union minister A Raja has finally been arrested by CBI on Wednesday morning.

2G scam is one of the biggest scams to have occurred in India in which 2G spectrum was allotted to some chosen companies at throw away prices. in 2007, these companies got the spectrum at the rates of 2001 thanks to UPA Minister A Raja. Leaked tapes of Neera Radia showed how corporates and business houses colluded with UPA minister to gain what they needed at the cost of common man’s money.

On Wednesday morning, CBI arrested A Raja and three of his key associates, which includes RK Chandolia, A Raja’s brother and Siddharth Behura. While Chandolia was Raja’s private secretary earlier and then became his economic advisor, Behura was the telecom secretary.

CBI is now looking at other favours which were shown towards the business houses, especially to Swan Telecom. Reliance teleservices has a stake in Swan Telecom which is now known as Etisalat DB.

Congress had the option to stop the scam and kill it when it started. But despite information on the scam surfacing way back in 2008, nothing was done on it. If PM had acted earlier, the huge multi-crore monumental loss to the country would have been avoided.If the Supreme Court and media did not get involved, maybe this scam would have been forgotten or closed by Congress like Bofors. We still await to see when Suresh Kalmadi and his aide Bhanot, who single handedly looted and brought shame to India, are arrested.

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