Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigns, should Indian Congress worry?

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned ending a three week long protest by the people of Egypt against the 30 years of his misrule.

Rising unemployment and lack of growth forced the Egyptian people to come out on the street demanding removal of Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak has been ruling over Egypt without challenge for over 30 years.

Resignation of Husni Mubarak

85 year old Mubarak tried a lot of tricks to escape his resignation. He made unpopular ministers of his cabinet to resign first, followed by an offer to not re-nominate himself after his current presidency term ended in Sep. He also proposed handing over his day-to-day powers over to Vice President Omar Suleiman. However, the crowd wanted nothing else other than his complete removal from the office. When the military joined the crowd’s cause and supported them on Feb 10th, it became evident that Mubarak will have to resign.

Vice President came out to inform the crowd and media about the resignation. he said “Hosni Mubarak has waived the office of presidency and told the army to run the affairs of the country.” The news sparked jubilation across the crowd gathered at Tahrir Square.

Egypt episode has been a people’s movement win in the true sense. It has showed the world that if the countrymen join hands, even the most tyrant or corrupt Govt can be over thrown. Hopefully, our Indian Congress Govt will learn something from the whole episode. We in India have seen price rise, corruption and scams grow tremendously under the Congress regime and if Congress doesn’t mend its way soon, a people’s uprising in India may not be far away.

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