Jayalalitha calls Manmohan Singh weak-kneed

AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalitha has called PM Manmohan Singh a weak-kneed person who is trying to take cover for all his wrong doings under the garb of coalition politics.

Jayalalitha was talking to some Tv reporters when she said ‘Overall, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s live interaction with the media was not just a damp squib, it was a wretched exercise which showcased a weak-kneed head of state at his helpless best, taking cover for all the ills plaguing the nation using the fragile shield of coalition dharma!’

After a recent spate of corruption and scams perpetrated by mostly Congress ministers, the common sentiment across India is that PM is doing nothing to stop corruption. J Jayalalitha happens to be just one of the first politicians after BJP to have used such strong words against the Congress PM.

With the Tamil Nadu elections 2011 round the corner, J Jayalalitha seems to be geared up to take on the Congress and DMK alliance. DMK must be feeling the heat after 2G scam links are knocking at their doors, but will the voters vote for Jayalalitha or
DMK, only time will tell.

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