Kasab’s death penalty upheld by Bombay High Court

Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s death penalty has been upheld by Mumbai High Court on Monday.

The lone survivor of the brutal 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, Kasab has been given an opportunity for a fair trial in India. Its another matter that despite being caught on camera and with all evidences pointing against him, Kasab has lived till this day.

Pakistani terrorists killed 166 people in their attack, all cold-blooded murders. But it’s a shame that even after three years of the incident, we are debating on whether the prime accused Kasab should be hanged or not. In the name of giving a fair trial, Govt is just delaying what should have been done 3 years back.

A terrorist like Kasab had to be hanged within days of capture. Giving a fair trial is ok, but the trial should have been fast and speedy. It had to be done by a special court with no question of challenging the court’s order in Supreme Court.

even now, when High Court has upheld his death sentence, Kasab will move Supreme Court. So, maybe another year of trial. And finally when Supreme Court will upheld his death sentence, it will go on to the President of India for a mercy petition. As we all have seen with our terrorists like Afzal Guru, the mercy petition will then remain under consideration for years and years. So don’t rejoice my friends that Kasab is going to be hanged. Feel ashamed that we will let Kasab live for many more years to come.

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