Lalit Bhanot arrested in CWG scam, will Kalmadi be next?

CWG scam saw major arrests on Wednesday when Lalit Bhanot and V K Verma were arrested.

Lalit Bhanot was the Organizing Committee secretary general and V K verma was the director general for Commonwealth Games 2010. Bhanot and Verma have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the procurement of the Timing, Scoring and Result (TSR) system from a Swiss company. This was purchased at 107 crore, which was given to Swiss Timing Limited despite a very reasonable bid by a Spanish company MSL of just 48 Crore.

Bhanot was directly involved in helping the company procure the tender as he himself mentioned in 2009 that only the Swiss company met the requirements, a notion which was later found out to be incorrect.

Bhanot is also the same man who brought shame to India by saying that Westerners and Indians have different levels on hygiene. It’d be good to see what hygienic environment he is provided in his jail cell. Meanwhile, after Bhanot’s arrest, speculations are rife that Suresh Kalmadi may be the next person to be arrested.

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