Mamata likely to favour populist measures in Raliway Budget 2011

With the upcoming West Bengal 2011 elections, it seems very likely that Mamata Banerjee will present a very populist Railways Budget 2011.

Ever since Mamata took over the reigns of railways from Laloo Yadav, Indian railways have been on a downward spiral. From surplus funds, news reports now suggest it is looking at empty coffers. However, because of the assembly polls in West Bengal, Mamata would not want to go for a passenger fare increase.

The Railway budget is to be presented in the Lok Sabha on 25th Feb. Mamata Banerjee is expected to announce over 100 new trains, which will include 12 non-stop Duranto express trains. For her home state, she is expected to announce a rail connecting link between Howrah and Sealdah stations, which will pass through the heavily populated central districts of Kolkata. A student’s special train may also be announced, which will run during examinations. Hyderabad and Secunderabad may also get a multi-mode transport system.

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