Manohar Joshi asks why Afzal Guru is not being hanged

Shiv Sena MP Manohar Joshi asked in the Parliament today why Afzal Guru is not being hanged.

Afzal Guru is the primary accused for the Parliament attack case on Dec 13th 2001. Seven security personnel died that day while trying to protect our MP’s. Afzal Guru, a resident of Sopore in Jammu and Kashmir, was arrested and charged with the hatching the attack plans.

He was sentenced to death on December 18, 2002 by the Delhi High Court. The Supreme Court also upheld the sentence on August 4, 2005. He was supposed to be hanged on October 20, 2006. But Afzal Guru’s wife, Tabassum, moved the President with a mercy petition. The outgoing President of India at that time, APJ Kalam, asked for Home Ministry’s view on this and that is where the case rests till date.

Many in India have been wondering why the Congress Govt has not sought the execution of Afzal Guru yet. In Parliament today, Shiv Sena MP Manohar Joshi created a flutter when he said that Congress is delaying the execution of death penalty only because he belongs to a minority community. Home Minister Chidambaram refuted the claim saying “The insinuation made by him (Manohar Joshi) is unparliamentary”.

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