Assembly elections just a month away, seat negotiations intensify

Assembly elections in 5 states of India is now less than a month away, but Congress, DMK and TMC are yet to finalize on their seat sharing arrangements.

Tamil Nadu has been seeing a lot of drama unfolding in the past week or so. DMK first offered Congress 60 seats, while Congress demanded 63. DMK then threatened to pull out of the Central Govt, which Cong retaliated by gaining support from Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party. Now that DMK knows Congress does not need it, news sources suggest that it is trying to pacify the Congress by agreeing on 63 seats. DMK’s ally PMK has already made it clear they will fight polls on 31 seats and won’t let go of any of their constituencies in Tamil Nadu for Congress.

V S Achuthanandan led LDF Govt in Kerala is busy preparing its manifesto. As we all know by now, the manifesto will talk about infrastructure development, uplifting the social standards of the poor, increasing power and water supplies, etc etc. But as we all also know, in the next 5 years, nothing will be done. Congress is hoping of a comeback in Kerala this year.

West Bengal is going to see its most intense battle till date. CPM has enjoyed un-challenged reign on West Bengal since 1977. Jyoti Da’s charisma could not be matched by any other leader from the past or present. But since Jyoti Basu’s demise, CPM has lost grip in the state. Indications are that if Congress and TMC fight together, they will win the Assembly election in West Bengal easily. But will Mamata Banerjee give Congress enough seats in Bengal to forge a good alliance?

The next few days will be crucial for all parties, especially DMK, Congress and TMC, because the alliance they forge now will decide the fate of the upcoming assembly elections 2011.

assembly election phases for elections in 5 states

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