Congress leader Arjun Singh is dead

Congress leader Arjun Singh is dead. He last came in news after the Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict last year, when news reports showed how he helped the prime convict Anderson escape from India.

Arjun Singh’s health was critical for quite some time now and he was admitted in Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences after the complaint of infection in chest and lungs. He was 80.

In his entire career, Arjun Singh was considered close to the Gandhi family. Last year, when the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy verdict came out, Singh, who was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh at that time accepted that he helped Anderson escape from India. Media tried to learn from him if he did so on the orders of Rajiv Gandhi, but Singh was not able to clarify that. Bhopal Gas tragedy is the world’s worst industrial disaster that left over 20,000 people dead.

It’s a coincidence that Arjun Singh was dropped from the Congress party’s highest policy making body, Congress Working Committee, only today!

Bhopal Gas victims may or may not have forgiven him, but may his soul rest in peace.

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