Did MTv Roadies 8 fake Suraj really trick Raghu-Rajiv duo

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Did MTv Roadies 8 fake Suraj really trick Raghu-Rajiv duo

MTv’s popular series Roadies is now in the 8th season and for the first time finds itself in a strange controversy. Apparently, one of the contestants, Suraj, tricked the supremos Raghu-Rajiv and Ranvijay during interview with a sob story to get a go ahead for Roadies!

Suraj appeared for the interview process for MTv Roadies 8 and really got the judges serious and interested in him with his bad-luck-sob story. The story had all the elements of a Hindi Bollywood thriller. He started with how much he loved his mother, how his father used to get drunk and beat his mother and how his mother passed away because of disease and negligence, and how he ran away from home, slept on streets, cleaned roads, worked as a rickshaw driver…but still had the passion to appear for a roadies show!!! Definitely, not just the judges, but the followers of the series as well were taken aback by his sob story. Surely, we all felt, the boy deserved a chance.

Now, news reports suggest, the simple boy from a small village wasn’t so simple at all. Suraj, it seems is actually Nagesh P. Mithun, a student of Indian Institute of Bartending. he is said to have successfully performed at a Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management. He is also known to have worked in a call center in Mumbai. That explains why he had his eyebrow pierced!

Mtv roadies fake Suraj

The question is how did Raghu-Rajeev miss such things. They are masters in understanding human psyche. Their toughness and mental strength is what gets the show going on. How did they get carried away from this sob story? Why did MTv not do a background check to ensure that what the contestant says is true. With his act, Nagesh aka Suraj has not just hurt the credibility of Raghu-Rajiv but also of the entire Roadies series. A Delhi Times report of 23rd March suggested that Suraj was helped in his fake mission by none other than Ashutosh Kaushik, winner of Roadies 5. However, we feel that Ashutosh can’t be blamed for guiding Suraj, if at all he did. The fault lies only with Suraj for faking the drama, Raghu-Rajiv for failing prey to it and MTv for not verifying the contestants background.

Meanwhile, one thing is certain. Suraj has made his future bright. He’d soon be hogged by all television and news channels for his side of the story. His entry into this year’s Big Boss may not surprise anyone. And who knows, maybe some producer will buy his story and make a Bollywood movie out of it!

This is what fake contestant Suraj said to Delhi Times when asked about the whole thing “I lied to take revenge on behalf of the those who are insulted by the judges in the show”. How lame Suraj, how lame…

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49 Responses to “Did MTv Roadies 8 fake Suraj really trick Raghu-Rajiv duo”

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    4:42 pm on March 26th, 2011

    […] Did MTv Roadies 8 fake Suraj really trick Raghu-Rajiv duo […]

  2. Ankit Bhatia
    9:50 pm on April 3rd, 2011

    Me Ankit Bhatia from Roorkee, staying in Delhi for past 5 years, working in Bpo, workwd very hard to get the position, i am very much intrested in realities Shows..have done modeling and still doing it with my job, also done MTV reality show, Making The Cut, nothing was fake in that and to be very frank shw was not of my type, Ramps and all, that shw is not at all popular and known, i am from a small family, but my dreams are very high, its been 5 years m giving auditions for this shw…ROADIES, but m unable to clear 1st round i dont kw on what basis they select people, AAb to mujhe bhi realize hone alga hai the whole crew is fake, they want drama but dont understan the feelings……i dont want fame but atleast when i kw m better then all those people those who r there then y shoul i stay here and watch this shw, This Guy Suraj is fake, and its been proved and we all can see that but still hez there in the shw, becaz all people from this shw just want fame, I use to respect Raghu and Rajiv for correct decesions, but now….i dont trust them and lost all my respect…..for tkng this wrong decesion or to be a part of this prank………

  3. tuli
    12:22 pm on May 9th, 2011

    hi.. am big fan of roadies… just want to say the story teller ( suraj) played well cz in India wen people say they r frm village they get respect form the urban people and tht was his game… wen he said abt his story ragu rajeev and ranvijay they found something interesting from him i.w they hv selected him.. And most imp its nt there headache to check there( contestant) background for the show . its just a game which there to entertain people it is nothing there to prove something… Raghu Rajeev ka kuch bhi nahi gaya.. the biggest looser is suraj who cant be taken trusty worthy by.anybody.. In a interview he Quoted ” mene badala liya un sab kliye jine ragu ne insult kiya)… all bullshit those people r deserving they r in the show and got selected too.. I hv seen all the auditions and the contestant who were insulted they deserve to be insulted… Roddiesssssssssssssssssss rocks…. surajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj sucks( dub gaya)

  4. Tejas
    9:57 am on May 12th, 2011

    I have been big fan of Roadies. Watching Sooraj’s P.I. touched my heart, Knowing about his struggle for the life had encouraged many people including me. But its very hard to believe that Sooraj was a lier. I from the depth of my heart prayed that he should be the winner, coz he was deserving. I considered him my hero. I am SHATTERED Sooraj bhaiya. ” U LIED”. Now it is difficult for me to believe anybody’s life struggle story.

  5. raj
    4:45 pm on May 13th, 2011

    everything is fake in roadies how can a guy cheat them like this? n wat abt his driving license n passport? that time also these bald idiots dint come to know? stop fooling the public peoples r more intelligent then u taklus

  6. Anand
    9:07 pm on May 14th, 2011

    Dear Raghu/Rajiv/Ranvijay

    I salute you for the tasks you play with the contestants and what you make them to do , Suraj , you need to really f***k his happiness and never beleive any story and as mentioned do a verification check if possible which would be a difficult task. The way he convinced you people with the name of mother was the pathetic thing ever happend. And Suraj dont you have self conscience that you put your mom’s name forward for a fake story. I love the rough attitude of raghu as a big fan of you and ranvijay. Keep up the Spirit. I pray that roadies go further to heights and take of the bad name what that sucker Suraj gave you all.

  7. mahi
    2:32 pm on May 15th, 2011

    hi i m mahi i m really big fannnnnnnn of roadies i liked rodies from the very first day but this season a contestant suraj really touched my heart but now the fake news on him really shattered me up suraj plz z start speaking truth but ur a grt guy

  8. Tarun Kumar
    1:37 am on May 16th, 2011

    I am a big fan of MTV Roadies. coz i think this is not a script written show. Watching Suraj audition, as he tell about his struggle , it really touched my heart. Even I prayed God for his Win. But as I came to know his truth that he a student of somewhere in Mumbai and he lied totally lied in audition, i was shocked. Even i didnt believe about suraj that he has been releaved for a while. Now its very difficult to believe someone’s life struggle,……… But I waana say to suraj. Fantastic acting……. You deserve to be in BIG BOSS next season..Really.
    U got the publicity whether it is negative or positive.

  9. Akash Gupta
    9:53 pm on May 17th, 2011

    Suraj was my favourite …. I thought that he is a nice innocent guy but he is a fake at all !!!

  10. Aviroop
    2:04 pm on May 18th, 2011

    But Suraj is a Master of liers no one was able to trace his lies.

  11. Neev Mohan
    10:38 pm on May 19th, 2011

    **** those who got insulted by raghu,
    tis is the problem with tis generation, when some people try to bring people with revolution to the screen thy like to deny the gud facts…. now suraj has ****** himself, no self identity, no dignity, no true spirit of life… he is gonna continue faking truout his life, maa baap ko fake kiya, nw wat more!..
    raghu deosnt need to check hid background, ture tht they are making a tv show, to check your background they are not taking admissions for any professional course.criteria change for every show in life… accept it…. nahi tho baag ja… 😉

  12. Rehan
    12:13 am on May 21st, 2011

    Raghu rajiv ranvijay pity on u guys.U r pretending u can read other mind and judge them u 3 are fooled by a silly guy. Only after d telecast, Mtv knew that suraj is fake. That make The RRRs ***holes in front mtv audience

  13. Arnak kundu
    11:40 am on May 27th, 2011

    Come on,Raghu n Rajiv r humans n humans make mistake.
    I am a big fan of roadies n i m folowng it frm last 4 yrs n i havnt seen Raghu mak ny mistake apart 4m dis.
    I m sure Raghu himslf wil b furious wid himslf.
    Raghu u r a man of grt talent n u r d inventor of d bst show in India..
    I dont knw abt othrs bt i m always wid u.
    U cant fail in nythng coz u dont knw hw 2 fail..

  14. Reekhia
    10:40 am on May 28th, 2011

    HATS OFF TO YOU SOORAJ !!!! BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….I always felt Raghu & Rajiv are not that great and they keep posing to be human mind readers. More of attitude rather than real calibre. They are good but not superb or flawless. You have proved the point ! KUDOS to you ……………………………………….the best punch to their ALMIGHTY attitude. 🙂 CHEERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!

  15. bibhu
    4:36 pm on June 5th, 2011

    i m big fan of roadies…..samaj ni aata ye ho kya rha hai…..this shits done by any contestent frst in shows history….thuuuuuu…..

  16. swati
    9:50 am on June 7th, 2011

    i read all comments. indeed very few WERE against raghu rajiv but the thing is if this show wasn’t that deserving it wont have reached 8th season.our hindi movies, the stars other reality shows related 2 dance singing,serials r all fake. then y do u ppl mind if this show has some fake element.i dont noe wats fake in it but bcoz one idiot super player suraj fooled raghu everything doesn’t change. attitude sabke paas hota hai. n there r 100 more mind readers who u wont criticize but raghu rajiv mil gaye to unko galiya dete ho. roadies is n entertainment some watch some like n sum dont. i love the show

  17. viren malik
    7:37 pm on June 7th, 2011

    i m Viren Malik:-.,,,,, yaha p sab koi suraj ko to koi raghu & rajiv ko uulta sidha kah raha hai,, arey suraj ne agar show me entry karne k liye jhhot bolato kya ho gaya? aur isme raghu&rajiv ki kya galti hai? 1000000 se jyada logo ne audition diya,, kis-kis ke pichey bhagtey firenge ye mtv team ke log? aur suraj sirf enrty hi kar sakta tha jhoot bol ke,, main show to tasks ko leakr banaya hai ye,, usme kya jhoot bola suraj ne? agar task nahi kar paya wo to baahar ho gaya,,,, bas baat khatam,, par tum logo ko to bas ek topic chahiye apni shyanpatti jhadne k liye,,,,

  18. dipshy
    5:23 pm on June 8th, 2011

    Raghu and rajiv are always ri8………and that suraj is a bloody f****r! task toh karna aata nahi……….sirf dialogues maarna aata hai!!!

  19. tanay
    5:38 pm on June 9th, 2011

    i think suraj z right.as raghu rajiv want in audition he z d one who really want to be a roadies.he has FOOLED 1 roadies winner rannvijay n raghu n rajiz so he z a real raodies ..he has courage n mind of betting d best in dis bussiness…

  20. aanya
    12:40 am on June 10th, 2011

    but qus. sirf yeh hai ki raghu ji aur rajiv ji is baar bawkuf ban kaise gaye.mujhe to woh intrvw mein hi smart lag raha tha kahi na sidha vidha dikh raha tha .hmmm

  21. shivesh
    12:48 am on June 10th, 2011

    raghu andf rajiv alwys rocks
    but that suraj is big *****………..

  22. akanksha
    7:26 pm on June 10th, 2011

    i think raghu & rajiv are awesome and suraj atleast did some of the tasks so nobody did wrong 🙂

  23. akanksha
    7:27 pm on June 10th, 2011

    :p i love rannvijay …..it’s all over

  24. [email protected]
    8:37 pm on June 10th, 2011


  25. Rahul
    8:39 pm on June 10th, 2011


  26. kiran mapari
    6:47 pm on June 12th, 2011

    what the hell is going on…i am shocked on my life first time..how it can be posible yaar..suraj hats off dude.and raghu rajiv also..suraj unbeliveable drama..koi actor aj tak paida nhi huwa aisi acting karne k liye..renee.anchal.prachi.avtar.dev.in sbki toh aisi lag gyi ki muh dikhane k liye nhi rhe..baap ban gya suraj sb bure logo ka..hats off..

  27. suthej
    7:25 pm on June 12th, 2011

    suraj did wrong..if he feels guilty he shud commit not to do it again..but raghu n rajeev smtyms insult a lot wch s 2 bad..many times roadies is ummf..unfair..best eg is pooja getng out due to sm semmh sengh semngi roadies p

  28. durga
    11:20 pm on June 12th, 2011

    except ranvijay other duos are vandals.they are using rough words and saying that roadies is for dignity.They used to use these things and when suraj said vandalised words they are crying for cleanness.
    the duos are not deserving to be in roadines first.

  29. Nanuu
    1:42 pm on June 13th, 2011

    Raghu i lyk ur sense f humor..

  30. Tanaya Sinha
    5:13 pm on June 13th, 2011

    Kitne log waha audition pe saach bolte honge!!!!…..
    isbar Suraj pakra gaya, jane kitno ne pehle kia hoga??
    accha hi hua, future main kaam aayega………….so nobody 2 blame…………….
    stay cool B-)
    stay raw 🙂

  31. Tanaya Sinha
    5:22 pm on June 13th, 2011

    N one more thing,,,
    Roadies is a show which is made by da intelligant guys 4 da intelligant guys…………….its all abt mind and truth………….
    N tats y i respect Raghu N Rajiv………..
    stay raw 😉

  32. Tarun
    5:31 pm on June 13th, 2011

    How Suraj get visa to Brazil in fake name??

  33. Rajinder Singh
    10:02 pm on June 13th, 2011

    i m big fan of nagesh but raghu in final part 1 just humilated suraj becz raghu not able to read suraj …

  34. aaryan
    1:13 am on June 16th, 2011

    very well done suraj ….. in **** ***** jal gayi hai….. kyon ki suraj ne in taklo ki ** *** ke …. unke scripted show ka kadwa such samne laya …………….

  35. aaryan
    1:23 am on June 16th, 2011

    sab nakli hai ye dono takle paise ke liye apni **** bhi bech denge .as you seen in TMK…….

  36. Rini
    10:29 pm on June 17th, 2011

    The guy is a fake, now that his lie is caught and embarrassed, he wants to win sympathy from those who oppose Raghu & Rajiv. The last sentence he said specifies that….why should he take revenge on their behalf????

  37. Ravindra
    8:23 am on June 20th, 2011

    Suraj you are a dolt and fake, What u think your lies witl not be caught. Fool ! You lost all your respect almost all over India. Bad guy.

  38. Anonymous
    4:46 pm on June 21st, 2011

    Its a place where any one can come to ur house and **** and go and no1 can do anything about it…worthless, the most pathetic place to place ur foot on…**** all of ’em.

  39. Deepak Trivedi
    8:30 pm on June 22nd, 2011

    Dude listen u rock truely rock even i respect raghu but its not easy to fool him n if you did it hats off to you bro. u r a roadie with a special characteristic of fooling the most smartest ones.. haha.. brother hope to see you in television serials or say…movies too soon… .

  40. Heartons Sunil Dass
    11:37 pm on June 24th, 2011

    ek number ka ****** hai suraj hehehehe

  41. Heartons Sunil Dass
    11:39 pm on June 24th, 2011

    chal thik kya bhai tune par accha nhi laga yaar

  42. neha
    3:31 pm on June 25th, 2011

    i m really50 a big fan of roadies. i really want 2 go in roadies. thanks raghu,rajiv,ranvijay 4 making sucg a fabulous show.

  43. neha
    3:32 pm on June 25th, 2011

    i m really50 a big fan of roadies. i really want 2 go in roadies. thanks raghu,rajiv,ranvijay 4 making such a fabulous show.

  44. shub
    2:00 pm on June 27th, 2011

    Hi All ..I am big fan of roadies ..i watched almost all roadies.SURAJ u did the right thing , there is nothing wrong is there . For getting success you can choose any path until it harm anyone.. still i respect you and your feeling .Raghu and rajiv take it spoorty… u did so many thing thats are not ethical …so don’t react that much ethic ….whatevere u did last that putting the donkey with suraj name ..that hurts me lot and that shows ………
    One more suggestion for raghu and rajiv don’t tell next time onward nobody can make you fool.
    Suraj lots of thanks .. raghu and rajiv u got back watever u did for thousand people.
    Ranvijay ……. ur always respectful

  45. Sourabh
    5:38 pm on June 29th, 2011

    Well he wanted to be on show by hook or crook, who does not want to be……….. He clearly has shattered feeling of people. But what i liked is his talent of being a very good liar.

    As written in story of James Bond “Russian agent knew bond was lying. Lie detector indicated that all words he had been spoken was nothing but lie, but during all false conversation there was not a single moment in which there was change on face expression of Bond ” ………………… When you do, make it perfect.

    Suraj, Bravo for mastering this art, Sad for not using it in proper direction.

  46. manish
    6:49 am on July 1st, 2011

    Raghu wrote me up, celebrate, acha infrastructure, and celebrate, the show is that the Acha;

  47. shiva
    11:05 pm on January 4th, 2012

    To all those idiots who say UR a crook suraj , u fooled me suraj :: LOL guys Roadies is not a court of law! its a fucking SHOW!! Suraj Gave u ppl exactly that!- He sure gave you a Show and a great one @ that!! Who the hell asked you to get so serious about it! Kudos 2 U suraj!!

    PPL who got balls please go Fuck raghu n the entire Roadies Team n show u got the guts n mind to pull it off!!

  48. keshav sadar
    5:35 pm on January 20th, 2012

    sir my name is keshav sadar i am from Nagpur Maharashtra
    i want to actor
    keshav sadar
    mo. no 9371672131

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