DMK and Congress to fight Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls alone

The seat sharing talks between DMK and Congress has failed and now they will fight Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls alone.

In the past few months, DMK has been under huge pressure because of their party members involvement in the 2G scam. Congress, as opportunist as they are, sensed quite well that it will be very difficult for DMK to actually win the polls this year following the 2G scam. So, it chose a hardline when doing the seat arrangement talk with DMK. While DMK was ready to give 60 seats, Congress continued to pressure DMK for 64 seats.

Congress did not want to remove DMK on its own, but wanted DMK to withdraw support. That is what happened. The 7 year old collaboration between DMK and Congress was broken when DMK withdrew support from the UPA Govt at the center today, 5th Feb. DMK had 18 MPs supporting Congress Govt at the center, but despite the support withdrawal, Congress won’t really be in a spot of bother at the center as DMK has agreed to continue with an issue based support to Congress.

DMK’s support withdrawal will only work in favour of the Congress. If DMK wins the polls in Tamil Nadu, Congress will negotiate and support them again after the polls. If DMK loses, they will say they are no longer allies and easily side with AIADMK. So, both ways, Congress now has its options open to be a part of the next Govt formation in Tamil Nadu.

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