Jat agitation: Railways and Govt a silent spectator

For the past 15 days, Jats have been agitating on railway tracks and streets demanding reservation in Central Govt jobs. But there has been no move by Center or State Govts as well as Railways to end the stir.

The rail services have been hit strong. Almost all trains on the Delhi-Lucknow railway link have been either canceled or route changed for the past 15 days. As its the Holi festival time, a lot of commuters were left stranded. People who booked tickets months ago have no other option than to take buses to reach their destination. As a result, buses are also running to packed capacity, giving more hassle to the commuters.

Not even once in the past 15 days has the Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee took any interest in asking the Jats to move out of railway tracks and allow the clear movement of trains. She is so busy with formulating plans to win the West Bengal elections 2011 that she has no time for even her primary job. No wonder Indian railways is losing revenue every year under her regime. A report suggests that over 12 lakh passengers have been affected because of the Jat agitation, but Mamata Banerjee couldn’t care less.

Even the state and Central Govt has shown no interest in getting the agitation sorted. In absence of a clear cut policy, they go through inconclusive talks with the Jat leaders. Even if they get the agitation stopped for now, the Jats would be back on streets in next few months if their demands are not met.

One thought on “Jat agitation: Railways and Govt a silent spectator

  1. Yes absolutely mamta banerjee is useless.infact lallu was atleast OK.many poor common passengers are suffering without any reason due to this jat agitation.why mamta is so selfish just thinking of her own politics money fame and seat.people like these should be kicked out immediately.pls never vote to these assholes.

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