New Tiger census claims India now has 1706 tigers

The 2010 tiger census has claimed that there has been a 20% increase in the number of tigers across India, with the tiger number now at 1706.

A survey of similar magnitude was taken earlier in 2006, when 1411 tigers were identified across India. The area that was covered in 2006 also showed a 12% increase with a count of 1580 tigers. The remaining were found in Sunderbans, which accounted for 70 tigers, and from new areas in Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Assam.

Tiger Cubs at Banerghatta Park in Bangalore

Almost all states have shown either a stable tiger population or an increase. Certainly good news for Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are the only two states to show a decrease in population.

The only major concern from the census is that the habitable areas of the tigers is shrinking. While in 2006, they roamed across an area of 93,600 sq kms, in 2010 it has shrunk to just 72800 sq km.

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