Quattrocchi discharged, Bofors scam chapter almost closed

A Delhi Tis Hazari court discharged the Italian businessman and prime accused in Bofors kickback scam, Quattrocchi, paving a way for closure of all cases related to BOFORS scam.

Bofors was one of the first scams to hit the Indian army and involved almost all major leaders from Congress as accused. Bofors scam was estimated to be worth 400 million and money was made through kickbacks by selling the army Howitzer guns, which were inferior in quality to the French Sofma guns. Even the Congress Prime Minister’s name was dragged in the list of people receiving the kickbacks.

No wonder then that subsequent Congress Govt just shoved the case on back burner. When Congress regained power in 2004, the first thing it did was to push CBI to close the Bofors scam case. Even when Quattrochi was detained in Argentina in 2007, Indian Congress govt showed no real intentions to extradite him to India for questioning. Quite amazingly, Congress even unfroze the accounts of Quattrochi.

Quattrochi was accused of getting kickbacks worth Rs. 64 Crore, but investigating into the scam, our CBI has already spent Rs. 250 Crore and 25 long years. But even today, CBI is no where close to accusing anyone or getting the truth out. Hence, the Court was forced to close the case saying “A story that cannot be taken to a logical end; it is better to leave it at a good juncture.”

Surely a good juncture for the Congress, if not for India. We just hope that all recent Congress-aided scams like CWG scam, Adarsh society scam and 2G scam do not meet the same fate as Bofors scam.

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