Wikileaks: Congress paid Crores to MP’s to win the 2008 Nuclear-deal trust vote

In a stunning revelation, Wikileaks has exposed that Congress paid Crores of Rupees to MPs across different political parties to vote in favour of the Govt to win the 2008 Nuclear-deal trust vote.

By now, we all know Congress aides corruption. From Bofors to 2G scam, a spate of scams involving its ministers and party members have left any doubt as to what the real motive of a Congress Govt is. But what does it do with the scam money? Well, if you believe a recent Wikileaks exposure, it seems it uses the money to bribe MP’s, buy votes and save its own Govt!

In a cable dated July 17th 2008, Charge d’Affaires Steven White wrote about a meeting with Congress member and Rajya Sabha MP Satish Sharma. Sharma is said to have told the diplomat that Congress is using all means to ensure that the nuclear deal passes through and Govt wins the confidence vote on July 22nd, 2008.

Sharma’s political aide Nachiketa Kapur is said to have mentioned to White that Rs. 10 Crore was paid to each of Rashtriya Lok Dal MPs to buy their votes in favour of the Govt. he is even said to have shown the diplomat chests full of money amounting to the tune of 50-60 Crore.

According to the cable, Satish Sharma said that the entire deal was known to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh. As we know, UPA won the trust vote with 275 votes against 256. Now we know how they really won it.

However, do not expect any thing to change after the expose. Congress will simply deny any such activity, although we all know Wikileaks only speaks the truth.

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