After the scams, Congress left red faced by Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare has so far proved to be a one man army. Single handedely, Hazare has created a mas movement which is giving sleepless nights to Congress.

Congress had an almost free run of scams in the past couple of years. Commonwealth Games, Adarsh scoiety, 2G scam are just some of the most noticeable. The only thing in all the scams is the involvement of ministers belonging to the Congress Govt.

Anna Hazare

With growing resentment against corruption, Congress decided to bring in the Lokpal Bill, the bill which would formulate the laws to fight corruption in the country. But to make the bill, Congress chose some ‘highly qualified‘ individuals. The biggest name was that of Sharad Pawar, who has been linked to almost a dozen scam cases in the past few years like Lavasa and IPL. Then we had Kapil Sibal, who felt 2G scam had cost no money to the ex-chequer. With such people in the committee formulating the rules of making India corruption free, it was quite obvious where the bill as heading. Another point of contention is that Govt wants Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to head the committee, but activists want Anna Hazare to head it.

Well known social activist Anna Hazare decided to raise his voice against this. He began his fast unto death on Tuesday at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. His primary demand is the setting up of a joint panel with civil society initiative that will decided on the Jan Lokpal Bill draft. Now in his third day of fasting, he has already been joined by people from all across India. In his fight against corruption, Anna Hazare now witnesses film stars, businessmen and common man all joining hands and coming to the streets.

nationwide protests against Lokpal bill

Undoubtedly, Congress is perturbed. Sonia Gandhi, in a meekly worded statement, finally said on Thursday t hat she supported Anna Hazare’s cause. What other option did she had then to say that she is supporting it! Even the Prime Minister has been forced to meet Hazare’s representatives, RTI campaigner Arvind Kejriwal and social activist Swami Agnivesh, twice in two days.

Congress has now already accepted some of the demands, but the real battle is far from won. Unless we see the scamming ministers in jail for a life term, this protest should not stop. It’s quite shameful that even after all the evidences, Suresh Kalmadi si still roaming free. If people like Hazare do not come front, Congress will make sure that Kalmadi never gets to jail.

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