Anna Hazare’s win is India’s biggest win against corruption

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Anna Hazare’s win is India’s biggest win against corruption

Just days after Cricket team brought smiles to the faces of every Indian, Anna Hazare has made us all happy once more. The UPA Govt had to bend on its feet and accept all the demands laid out by Anna for Lokpal bill, and this is being termed as the biggest win against corruption in India.

India united and rallied behind Anna’s fast like never before. Support poured in over internet, twitter, Bollywood celebrities, business honchos and common man from across the country. After the spate of corruption that Congress led UPA has ushered in India in its second iteration, the protest seemed like India was screaming enough is enough.

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare ended his five day fast on Saturday morning after Govt issued the notification on Lokpal bill agreeing to all the points demanded by Anna. His 98 hr vigil may prove to be the key factor as to how India tackles corruption in future. The swiftness with which Congress acceded to Anna’s demands just goes on to show how afraid they are of the rising resentment against corruption by politicians.

The present system to tackle the corryption cases was highly flawed as either there was no transparency or accountability, or in some cases, a scam accused minister was himself seen giving verdict on a corruption case! But the new Lokpal system will be far more transparent. Now, all complaints of misconduct and corruption will go to the Lokpal hierarchy. The Departmental Vigilance, Central Vigilance Commission and Central Bureau of Investigation will now all directly report to the Lokpal.

The Jan Lokpal in itself will be an autonomous 11 member body devoid of Govt control. Being autonomous, it removes the Govt’s interference in working of agencies like CBI. So, a case like BOFORS, which some say was closed by CBI on behest of Congress pressure, would now reach to its logical conclusions. Lokpal will have the power to lodge FIRs, investigate a case as well as prosecute.

Let’s just hope the spark that Anna has shown becomes a flame and engulfs the corrupt people, ministers, bureaucrats or business houses, across India.

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