Congress shamed by shocking revelations of Purulia arms drop accused

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Congress shamed by shocking revelations of Purulia arms drop accused

Times Now’s investigative journalism has once again shamed Congress. The Purulia arms-drop accused Kim Davy, in a tell-all interview to Times Now, clearly implicates Congress to be involved in the arms drop incident of 1995.

On the night of Dec 17th 1995, arms and ammunition, including deadly weapons like AK-47 rifles, anti-tank weapons, etc were dropped in Purulia district of West Bengal. The aircraft, carrying British arms dealer Peter Bleach, Niels Christian Nielsen a.k.a. Kim Davy and five Lativian citizens, flew to Indian space from Pakistan unchecked, landed in Varanasi and refueled. Then it dropped arms in Purulia district and went away on its own. But it dropped arms at a wrong place. The radar at the local air force station does not even catch the plane. Over the next three days, Kim Davis and his crew stayed in Phuket, Thailand. They again get approval to return to Karachi by flying over Indian air space. They refueled at Madras airport, but strangely, Indian Govt still does not hold the plane back.

When the plane was finally intercepted and the five Lativian and Peter Bleach were held, Kim Davy was said to have mysteriously escaped. Something similar to how BOFORS scam accused Quattrocchi and Bhopal Gas tragedy accused Warren Anderson escaped India. Most caught were then given Presidential pardon and were sent back to their own countries. And that’s where the matter now remains.

Arms drop case of Purulia exposed at Times Now

Tonight, 16 years later, Times Now clearly exposed how top politicians from Congress conspired to help the arms dropped in West Bengal, apparently to destabilize the elected Left Front state Govt of Jyoti Basu in WB. Kim Davy came on the news channel and clearly said he was helped by political people from the Congress ruled Center and by Indian authorities in his escape. He even said that he left the Mumbai airport and was helped out of India with the help of MP Pappu Yadav and J K Dutt, who was with the CBI at that time.

Will Indian Govt reopen the Purulia arms case? Will the guilty ever be punished? Will Congress come out and accept this? As long as perpetrators of the crime remain in power at the center, we don’t think so.

Will the whole expose today have any effect on the final outcome of West Bengal Assembly elections, only time will tell when we see election results on May 13th.

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2 Responses to “Congress shamed by shocking revelations of Purulia arms drop accused”

  1. Dinesh
    3:29 pm on April 29th, 2011

    Does LEFT and OPPOSITION Parties deserves this Anti-National treatment from Congress? After this kind of expose, instead of filing a Petition in SC for inquiry [ like Dr Swamy on 2g ] this Parties would wait for their turn to be on board of Coalition Govt ruling pie. Surprisingly, the Air Craft was refueling on Indian Airports, like RIKSHAWS at gas stations. Congress must be Suspended and Banned if proved.

  2. CBI team holidays in Denmark with expired warrant
    3:42 pm on May 19th, 2011

    […] to Copenhagen, Denmark with an expired warrant. The CBI team was sent to Copenhagen to extradite Purulia arms accused Kim Davy. However, CBI now finds that the extradition warrant issued by Kolkata court in October 2010 […]

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