Finally, Suresh Kalmadi gets arrested for CWG Scam

The alleged mastermind behind the Commonwealth Games scam, Suresh Kalmadi was finally arrested by the CBI on April 25th, Monday, morning.

As Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Commonwealth Games, Suresh Kalmadi was directly or indirectly responsible for all major decisions related to the CWG Games that were held in Delhi in October 2010. Investigative journalism by News Channels such as Times Now first brought the focus on Kalmadi and his company of scammers. It was prooved beyond doubt that Kalmadi and his team gave out contracts to those who were charging exorbitant rates, well above the market price. The firms with correct bidding were totally ignored.

While Kalmadi’s dear aides like Lalit Bhanot, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee and V K Verma, Director General, were arrested long back, Suresh Kalmadi was allowed to move freely till date. So, his arrest today is sure to bring some hope to Indians that justice may finally be served.

But don’t get optimistic as yet. Suresh Kalmadi was given ample time to destroy evidence as such. In the past few months, he knew his arrest was going to come. So all he’d have done was destroy evidence. One of the main leaders from ruling Congress party, it should be found if the scam money was used in any way to help the Congress.

Suresh Kalmadi is also the president of the Indian Olympics Association, Asian Athletics Association and Athletics Federation of India. He has held the post of the IOA president since 1966. It should be found that how a man of such corrupt standards was able to remain on such high posts for so long. Who were the people who gave him a free reign on these posts and what other scams he committed during his life time.

We all hope that a speedy trial is enforced and the harshest of punishments given out to these culprits.

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