Shame on Sharad Pawar for conning India with fake World Cup trophy

Sharad Pawar and ICC shamed Indian cricketers and its fans by giving a fake trophy to the winners of Cricket World Cup 2011.

News reports started to come in early Monday morning which suggested that the trophy given to India, the trophy which Tendulkar, Yuvraj, Harbhajan and all others held high and cried for, was actually a fake trophy. It was clearly shown that the original trophy had names of past winners at the bottom, while the trophy given to winners after Saturday night final match just had a black border at the bottom.

It seems the original trophy was held by the Customs when the trophy was coming to India from Sri Lanka. Apparently, ICC did not pay the customs duty for the trophy. ICC, which must have made billions in the World Cup, was asking for a customs exception for the trophy. But when the exception was not given, they left the trophy with the customs department and fooled everyone by giving a fake replica to Indians.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) was shameless even on Monday afternoon saying that the original trophy was given and the fake one is with the customs. Sharad Pawar, a powerful Union Minister and ICC head, was very much a part of it. It’d have been really easy for Mr. Pawar to pay the customs duty and get the real trophy on the ground, but he decided to toy with the feelings of Indians and make a mockery of entire thing. Really shameful.

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