Why is Amar Singh so desperate to help Congress?

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Why is Amar Singh so desperate to help Congress?

Amar Singh used to be a leading politician from Uttar Pradesh, a big leader from Samajwadi Party, who created his political career fighting against the Congress. But ever since he was thrown out of Samajwadi Party, Amar Singh seems to have a change of heart and is now helping Congress cause in all aspects of politics.

Recently, when Anna Hazare went on a hunger strike to get the LokPal bill passed with a representation from the people not related to politics, entire India supported him in this cause. The only people wary of his movement were people and politicians who have been involved in scams.

No wonder then that, India’s one of the most scam tainted party, Congress came out opposing the movement. But soon it realized that common man in India was solidly behind Hazare. So, they decided to attack the LokPal bill members themselves.

A mysterious CD started circulating the Tv channel offices that apparently had conversations between Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh and Shanti Bhusan in which Bhusan is said to be asking the duo to use the services of his son for a special favour. Just days before the CD came out, Congress maverick Digvijay Singh, who always has some or the other sensational comment to make, came out with a revelation that Shanti Bhusan has evaded tax while buying a bungalow in Allahabad.

On 2oth April, Amar Singh opened direct attack on Shanti Bhusan saying that Shanti Bhusan not only met his but also used his private jet and has paid him Rs. 50 lakh to fight an anti-defection case. A third Allegation was also leveled today that Shanti Bhusan was allotted two plots of 10,000 sq metres each for farmhouse for himself and his son Jayant by BSP supremo Mayawati. Jayant was fighting a case against Mayawati in the Noida statue park case.

The question here is why is Amar Singh so eager and desperate to help Congress in tainting the LokPal bill Co-Chairman? It’s understood that after being thrown out of Samajwadi party, Amar needs a political party’s back up to keep his political hopes alive in UP. But, is that the only reason that he has suddenly started to sing for a Congress cause? Who will eventually benefit by tainting the LokPal bill members? Obviously it is the Congress party.

Congress over the years has effortlessly followed the principle of divide and rule. They know that to win the public opinion back, they need to taint the members of lokPal bill. It can then go back and form the bill as they have planned.

We don’t know if Shanti Bhusan is indeed guilty or not. But we do know that the timing of leveling allegations against him by Amar Singh and Congress members like Digvijay Singh smacks of dirty conspiracy.

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