Amar Singh tapes to be made public, SC order lifts gag

The Supreme Court lifted the 2006 gag order on media publication of Amar Singh tapes, and without doubt, Amar Singh’s problems are sure to rise now.

Amar Singh used to be a high profile leader, considered by many as the king maker in UP and playing an important role at the center. But over the past few months, he has been heavily sidelined and his political future looks bleak. Ever since he was thrown out of Samajwadi party and apparently also out of Bachchan family’s inner circle, Amar Singh has been running around listless.

About a month back he resurfaced with scathing attacks on Jan Lokpal Bill members. A CD was even circulated which had conversation between Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh and Co-Chairman of Lokpal Bill, Shashi Bhushan, where Bhusan was apparently discussing a multi crore deal for his son. The CD was later found to be fake and Bhusan’s charged that Amar Singh was behind the forged CD.

Amar Singh in trouble

Amar Singh did not let go after this and kept the pressure on LokPal bill members. In a way, he joined hands with maverick Congress leader with foot-in-mouth-disease, Digvijay Singh. They both brought out news that Bhusan’s have not paid tax on property to the tune of Crores and they were given a plot of land by Mayawati to cover her Noida statue park case.

The Supreme Court order today allowing the Amar Singh tapes to be made public dates back to an episode in 2006. Reliance apparently recorded Amar Singh’s conversations of a shady nature and Amar Singh filed a case against the tapes being made public. On Feb 27th 2006, he got a gag order from SC. At that time, Amar Singh blamed Congress to be behind the whole taping episode. But later, after he was thrown out of Samajwadi party, he withdrew his charges against the Congress.

Centre for Public Interest Litigation and its lawyer Prashant Bhushan had filed a plea in SC asking for the tapes to be made public. Supreme Court in its order today said that the politician suppressed several facts from them. After removing the gag order, SC has said that Aamr Singh can instead file a case against Reliance Infocomm for illegally tapping his conversation.

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