Assembly elections 2011 over, get ready for exit polls tonight

The assembly elections in five states of India are now over. Starting tonight, it’s time for the exit polls to take center stage.

Exit/Opinion polls used to be aired before the elections take place, but over the past few years the Election Commission has held the notion that Exit Polls can sway a voter’s choice. So they were banned. Today the voting for the 6th and final phase of West Bengal elections 2011 came to an end, so now News Channels like Star News, CNN-IBN can go ahead and show the exit polls.

Despite the fact that the assembly election results are just 3 days away, the exit polls hold a lot of importance for many. Several times it has been seen, that the exit polls at this stage are a clear indication of who’s going to win and who’s going to lose. Although not completely accurate as the polls are made from a fairly small group of voters, it’s still a good indicator of which political party is going to gain the most.

Our own polls suggest that in West Bengal, it’s still a tough competition with Left having a slight edge. Tamil Nadu may see a big swing of votes in favour of AIADMK, while Kerala is also heading towards a photo finish contest between Left and Congress.

So, get ready to watch the exit poll results tonight ahead of the Final Assembly results on dreaded Friday the 13th.

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