iPhone 4 now in India, Aircel, Airtel launch iPhone plans

After almost an eleven month wait since its International release, iPhone 4 has been launched in India today by Aircel and Airtel.

iPhone has been one of the most sold mobile phones across the world and ever since iPhone 4 was launched, Indians have been desperately waiting for its launch here. India has emerged as the second biggest market for mobile phones and it’s quite surprising that Apple took 11 months to launch its premier phone in India.

The loss of late launch has mainly been Apple’s. Apple’s loss has mainly been Android’s gain. Companies like HTC and Samsung did good business in selling their top-end products like HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S. Those who were desperate enough for iPhone 4, got it through shops in Palika Bazar in Delhi or through sellers on eBay. It seems Apple did learn from its mistake,a s it launched Apple iPad 2 in just a month’s time from its launch date in US.

iPhone 4 is a feature packed phone with a 3.5 inch screen, Apple’s iOS 4, retina display, FaceTime for video calls, 5 MP rear camera with LED flash and HD video recording capabilities. iPhone’s retina display is said to be the best display currently available on mobile phones and the only challenger near by is Samsung Galaxy S Super AMOLED display.

But, iPhone has stuck to its 3.5 inch screen since the start and that has disappointed some of its fans. With the mobile market growing for business users, people are using mobiles for not just communication, but also for business presentations, emails, chats and as e-readers. Phones like HTC Desire HD with 4.3 inch screen and Dell Streak with 5 inch screen has somewhat fulfilled this need with their bigger screens.

iPhone 4 launched in India

iPhone 4 has been priced in India at Rs. 34,500 for its 16GB version. The 34 GB version will cost Rs. 40,900. Both Airtel and Aircel came out with full page ads on all major Newspapers today, 27th May, to announce the availability of the phone.

Aircel advertisement in newspapers today tries to inform its users that they are returning the phone cost to the user over a 2 year period. with it’s 100% money back offer, Aircel will charge you Rs. 34,500 for the phone. The monthly rental for each month will be Rs. 2139, but in a two year contract, they will wave off Rs. 1440 and charge you just Rs. 699 a month with 2000 local voice minutes free. Unfortunately, we tried to get more deal details from two different Aircel outlets in Ghaziabad, but both said they have absolutely no news of iPhone being launched in India or the plans!!! We were left wondering behind the logic of full page ads when their sales teams don’t even know of the offer…

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 now in India, Aircel, Airtel launch iPhone plans

  1. My friends got it from Singapore, US, etc. I have it here in India thanks to Aircel, I have just booked my new iphone4.

  2. If you have felt an iPhone in you hands I can bet, no other phone can give you the same feel.

    I guess money is not a constrain for smart phone users in today’s MNC world. I have owned iPhone 2G and 3Gs for 2 – 3 years and I can say that it was initially not designed for Indian users and definitely not for masses. Though is has been launched in India as per high demand. There is no comparison to it till date.

    Indians would not find it value for money which is true and that’s the reason it’s not everyone phone. Definitely there are hundreds of reason not to own iPhone and I agree with it. Every second smart phone be it Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia etc. is inspired by iPhone features today & still cannot match it.

    The irony is 97% of Indian population would not know what is Apple so forget about iPhone.

    Apple is a true innovative leader in gadgets and deserves to be the best and is religiously followed by others after invention of iPod, iPhone & iPad.

    Buy whatever you pocket allows but do not find reasons not to buy an iPhone, cause is none !!!

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