Karnataka Governor Bhardwaj fuels controversy again, shames Governor’s post

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Karnataka Governor Bhardwaj fuels controversy again, shames Governor’s post

Karnataka State Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj doesn’t seem too happy to let go of his Congress loyalist roots. So, every opportunity that he gets, he forgets that as a Governor, he is supposed to take decisions impartially.

At every slight opportunity, Hansraj Bharadwaj comes after the democratically elected BJP Govt in Karnataka. Like a true Congress man that he is, Bhardwaj tries all that’s possible to get the BJP Govt thrown out and President’s rule implemented in the state.

11 BJP dissidents and 5 Independents were disqualified by the speaker when the vote of confidence was undertaken by B.S. Yeddyurappa government last year. Uproar occurred on the way BJP speaker disqualified the members and Governor Bhardwaj was quick to rush to the President demanding a dismissal of the Govt. The matter of disqualified MLA’s went to the Supreme Court, which in a recent ruling said that the disqualification was wrong.

Bharadwaj sensed an opportunity in Supreme Court ruling and rushed to the President with a recommendation of President’s rule in Karnataka. To the common man, it just reeks of a personal vendetta being carried out by Bhardwaj on behalf of his party Congress. The Governor in no way seems to be acting as an independent person devoid of political affiliations.

It must be pointed here that Karnataka is the only shining armour in the hands of BJP. BJP does not have a strong base in South yet and political adversaries like the Congress are wary that if BJP does a good job in the state, they can easily make inroads in the near by states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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