8 rape cases in 48 hrs shakes Uttar Pradesh

8 rape cases have been reported in Uttar Pradesh in the last 48 hrs.

With Uttar Pradesh elections scheduled in less than a year from now, UP was expected to gear up for the polls. But, right now, UP is coming in news for all the wrong reasons.

8 barbaric cases of rape and torture has been reported in last 48 hrs. Rape itself is a savage crime, but in most of these 8 cases, the victim was also physically traumatized. In one case, the victims eyes were taken out, while in the other, victim was murdered and made to look as a suicide. In the last incident on June 21 from Baghpat, a CRPF jawan’s daughter was raped by her friend’s relatives, after which she committed suicide.

the news of rape and torture is definitely gruesome. Especially more because the state is headed by a woman Chief Minister. But a sudden rise in crime also raises some questions. With poll dates coming near, why has rape cases suddenly increased? Is it being done on the behest of a political rival party? Or is it a normal trend in UP but is coming out in media only now? Both cases are shocking and whoever guilty, must be severely punished.

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